"At SMASH events we met like-minded people doing similar things.
It gave us confidence to know that there are people out there doing the same thing we are doing."

"Thank you and your committee for your great work re SMASH events. We have gained several life changing ideas from these events"
"Fun, topical, interactive, relevant to us. For the second year running the best dairy event I've been to."
"Lots of challenges, things to think about for business and life."
"The positive vibe and the feeling of community amongst the farmers here was a highlight."
"This is the best seminar we have attended in ages. Thanks."
"SMASH is something that is badly needed in this area. Thanks."
"Well organised, very interesting and timely for me."
"Best day for years."
"Thank you very much, would come again."
"Can't sleep as am too excited after events!"
"Yet another fantastically well run and presented SMASH day."
"It’s a different group of people that come to SMASH events to those you meet at other things, they are a group of people you wouldn’t normally get a chance to talk to. That’s really noticeable and really good."
"We have found the field days SMASH has organised that we have attended recently to be very valuable - thanks and keep up the good work!"