Our Farmers


We are all in it together
Some of our farmers write blogs about their experiences on farm, their ups and downs and what they have learned. Have a read to keep up to date with what they have been doing in their farm businesses.

Case Studies

It is worthwhile coming to SMASH events!
Read the stories of farmers who have come along to SMASH events. Find out about their farming businesses and how SMASH has helped them.
Some of their comments:

  • Mac and Lynda Pacey: "SMASH has done a hell of a good job at picking good stuff to listen to. Sometimes you go along thinking “I have heard this all before” but it is amazing what new stuff comes up. You will always get something out of it."

  • Charles and Ann-Marie Anainga: "At SMASH events we met like-minded people doing similar things, and they had done it for years, it gave us confidence to know that there are people out there doing the same thing we are doing."

  • Christine Finnigan: "It’s a different group of people that come to SMASH events to those you meet at other things, they are a group of people you wouldn’t normally get a chance to talk to. That’s really noticeable and really good. It is a very non-threatening, supportive environment, where the topics take a perspective of smaller herds."